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Experience a streamlined design process with our comprehensive Figma UI kit and design system. Elevates your designs and workflow for better, faster outcomes.

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Benefits Tailored to Your Design Needs

Our kit comes packed with a plethora of advantages crafted to streamline your design process, enhance consistency, and enable rapid prototyping.


Boost productivity with pre-built elements, eliminating the need for starting from scratch.


Ensure cohesive, professional look across platforms with our meticulously crafted system.


Modify our components to suit your unique design needs, maintaining design integrity.

Auto layouts

Leverage Figma's Auto-layout features, enhancing responsiveness and reusability.

Easy Prototyping

Create realistic prototypes rapidly with our pre-configured instances and templates.

Multi-platform Design

Maintain consistency effortlessly from your application to your landingpage.

Collaborative Design

Facilitate team collaboration in Figma with our shared assets and resources in seconds

Ongoing Updates

Stay ahead with our frequent updates, ensuring your toolkit remains current and trendy.
Design System Details
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Foundational Styles for Your Designs

At the heart of our UI kit is our design system. It contains all the foundational styles you need for your designs - from color styles to text styles, and effect styles to icons. This promotes consistency and allows for easy updates, giving you more time to focus on the creative aspects of your work.

Centralized Styling
Scalable and Flexible
Effortless Updates
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Made for Figma
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The Core of the UI Studio

Get a peak of the key styles that form our design system - color styles, text styles, effect styles, and icons. Each has been meticulously crafted to ensure consistency, scalability, and flexibility in your designs.

Design systemFigma stylesIconsBrandingCustomizationPalette
Design Assets Details
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A Wealth of Assets to Boost Creativity

The UI studio doesn't just include components and a design system - we also provide a variety of design assets. These range from stock photos and mockups to a variety of illustrations. The resources are ready to use and can add a creative flair to your designs.

Rich Selection of Stock Photos
Variety of Illustrations and Mockups
Ready-to-Use Resources
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Made for Figma
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Design assets

Say hello to our vast array of design assets! From stock photos and mockups to illustrative magic, we've got all the tools to unlock your full design potential. Let's turn those design dreams into reality!

Design resourcesFree stock photosMockupsIllustrationsCreative tools
Template Sections Details
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Essential Building Blocks for Your Designs

Our wide array of UI components serve as the essential building blocks for your designs. Buttons, dropdowns, inputs, loading spinners - you name it, we've got it. Each component is designed for easy implementation, ensuring a seamless experience for your users.

Variety of Components
User-Friendly Designs
Easy to Implement
Highly Customizable
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Made for Figma
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Effortless Design with UI Instances

Save time and effort with our pre-configured UI instances. These ready-to-use design elements cover everything from alerts and modals to charts and tables, allowing you to maintain consistency while accelerating your design process.

Figma instancesUI designAssembleHeroiconsDesign in action
Template Details
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Ready-to-Use Templates to Kickstart Your Designs

Our UI kit stands out with its 1500+ components and variants, offering a level of customization that's unparalleled in the market. Each component is meticulously crafted with Auto Layout 4.0 and accessibility in mind, making it a breeze to adapt to your project's needs.

Wide Template Variety
Fully Customizable
Professionally Designed
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Made for Figma
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Discover Our Array of Templates

Get a closer look at our wide range of templates, designed to cater to various project needs. Each is fully customizable and responsive, providing a strong foundation for any project.

TemplatesLayoutsLanding pagesApplicationsReady to useUser experience
Made for Figma
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Modular and Flexible Sections

Explore our variety of template sections, from headers and heroes to FAQs and footers. These modular elements allow for easy customization and reconfiguration, offering ultimate flexibility in your designs.

HeadersHeroesFootersDesign masterpiecesUI designUX design

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