Button groups

Creating Cohesive Interfaces with Our Button Groups πŸ’ 

Our Button Groups component brings a new level of functionality and coherence to your design projects. This component boasts three unique styles and a staggering 615 variants, offering a myriad of possibilities to infuse your design with creativity and consistency. Each button group is meticulously crafted to ensure an appealing and seamless aesthetic across all your pages and screens.

With our Button Groups component, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of buttons that are thoughtfully grouped and varied in style to suit a wide array of design needs. From decisive call-to-action buttons to subtle navigational ones, the component is designed to cater to different user interactions and interface requirements. This remarkable variety makes our Button Groups a versatile tool that can enhance the user experience and contribute to the overall design narrative.

Moreover, our Button Groups component is not only about the vastness of styles and variants, but it's also about the adaptability and responsiveness of these elements. Each button within the group is designed to interact cohesively with the others, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user journey. Whether you're looking to create a more engaging landing page or a user-friendly app, our Button Groups component provides the flexibility and sophistication to achieve your design goals.


3 styles
180 variants
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Figma documentation
Figma documentation