Enhance User Interaction with our Figma Button Component πŸ‘‡

Our UI kit is the perfect way to take your project up a notch. With 3 beautiful button styles and an incredible 615 variants, you can achieve whatever custom look you please. Every button is designed for consistent vibes across all pages and screens, plus this kit uses Figma auto layout for simple size adjustments and rearrangements. Use our buttons to give any website or app that stylish, user-friendly finish!

Taking it a step further, we've also ensured that our button component is not just about aesthetics but also about enhancing usability and interaction. With the intent to improve the user's journey, each button style and variant is meticulously crafted to elicit the right action. From call-to-action buttons that command attention to subtle, navigational buttons that guide users, every interaction point has been thoughtfully considered.

Moreover, the Figma auto layout feature incorporated in our UI kit allows for a more streamlined and efficient design process. This means you can easily scale and rearrange button sizes to fit different contexts without compromising consistency and harmony in your design. With our UI kit, creating a visually compelling and user-centric design becomes not only possible but also remarkably effortless.


3 styles
615 variants
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Figma documentation
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