Card illustrations

Paying it Forward with payment card illustrations 💳

Add a touch of realism to your Figma designs with our payment card illustrations. These gems are like the perfect prop in your design narrative, bringing in authenticity and functionality, all bundled up in a neat little package.

The payment card illustrations come in two styles - one light for a fresh, modern feel, and one dark for a bold, striking effect. They boast a fantastic 46 display variants, offering a world of possibilities for visual display.

Whether you're designing a checkout process, a subscription service, or an online wallet, our payment card illustrations fit right in. With the ability to easily swap nested components, like the payment provider, and utilize our backgrounds, you can create the perfect payment scenario for your users.

So, let's add a dash of realism, a spoonful of functionality, and a sprinkle of visual charm with our payment card illustrations. After all, user experience matters, right down to the last detail!


2 styles
46 variants
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Figma documentation
Figma documentation