Meet the Jack-of-All-Trades: The Card Component πŸƒ

Who doesn't love a good card? They're like tiny canvases, ready to hold whatever creative masterpiece you dream up. And when it comes to Figma, our Card component is ready to dazzle.

The Card component steps into the limelight with 17 styles, each tailor-made for a specific task. Want to showcase user profiles? Try the Avatar cards. Got some important icons to display? Icon cards are your best bet. Need to show off your global reach? Flag cards are at your service. Payment cards, Company logo cards, Image cards - you name it, we've got it. But wait, there's more! Blog cards, Newsletter cards, Pricing cards, Tip cards and even Chart cards are ready to be your design's best friend.

And here's where we go from impressive to downright mind-boggling: we offer a staggering 408 variants! That's right, 408 different ways to put a unique spin on your cards. That's not just customization; that's a full-blown design party!

But while they may be party animals, these cards are also serious professionals. They know how to adapt to any screen size or resolution, making sure they always look their best.

So whether you're designing a blog, an online store, or an interactive portfolio in Figma, the Card component has got your back. It's not just about containing content; it's about creating experiences, sparking interest, and telling stories, one card at a time. Get ready to play your best hand with the Card component!


17 styles
408 variants
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Figma documentation
Figma documentation