Time for the Chart-topping Performance: The Chart Component πŸ“Š

Strumming along in four unique styles, the chart component covers all your data representation needs. Need a progress chart to track a goal? It's got you covered. Prefer the donut chart for a proportionate representation? You got it. Bar charts for comparisons, or line charts for trends? The component can strike all those chords.

But the concert doesn't stop there! With an astonishing 40 variants, the chart component is all about creating a performance that resonates with your design needs and user expectations. It's not just a chart; it's a visual symphony that tells a story.

Fear not about the size of the stage (or screen, in this case). This component is a seasoned performer, adapting to any screen size or resolution. It ensures a chart-topping performance, regardless of the viewing device.

So, get ready for the chart component - the maestro of data visualization. It's not just about plotting points; it's about turning data into an engaging and insightful performance. Let's hear it for the chart component!


4 styles
40 variants
Figma documentation
Figma documentation
Figma documentation