Decorative illustrations

A Dash of Magic with decorative illustrations

Say hello to our decorative illustrations - the secret sauce that adds a pinch of charm to your Figma designs. These lovely additions are like the sprinkles on a donut, the final flourish that takes a design from "that's nice" to "wow, that's impressive!"

Our decorative illustrations come in two distinct styles - a light one that whispers of elegance, and a dark one that shouts of sophistication. They flaunt a whopping 54 variants, offering a playground of patterns and shapes. Need a swirly spiral or a geometric gem? You got it!

Whether you're creating a background, decorating a button, or embellishing a card, these decorative illustrations add a touch of magic to your design. They're not just patterns and shapes; they're little pieces of art waiting to enchant your users.

So, sprinkle some charm, weave some magic, and make your designs truly unforgettable with our decorative illustrations. After all, design is in the details!


2 styles
54 variants
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