Developer consoles

Getting into the Code with developer consoles 🖥️

Step into the world of code with our developer consoles. These components are like the secret language of your design, adding a layer of technicality and sophistication to your Figma creations.

The developer consoles come in two distinct styles and offer a whopping 22 variants. They're simple, they're customizable, and they're all about displaying your code in the best light possible.

Whether you're creating a tutorial, showcasing your programming prowess, or simply adding a technical edge to your design, our developer consoles got you covered. Customize the tabs, fit your code, and turn your design into a captivating blend of aesthetics and technicality.

So, let's dive into the code, add a pinch of technical charm, and make your designs speak the language of the developer with our developer consoles. Because sometimes, it's all in the code!


2 styles
22 variants
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