Heads Up for Headers 🎩

Make way for our headers – the curtain-raisers of your Figma landing pages. These components are like the opening act of your design, setting the tone for what's to follow. Our headers pack a punch with a whopping 72 styles and an even more staggering 432 variants. They're the chameleons of your design, ready to adapt and fit into any aesthetic you desire.

Whether you're welcoming users, setting the context, or navigating them through your page, our headers are up to the task. They're not just about holding your logo or your navigation menu; they're about making that crucial first impression.

So, let's make an entrance, set the stage, and ensure your users are captivated right from the get-go with our headers. After all, first impressions do matter!


72 styles
432 variants
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Figma documentation
Figma documentation