Loading spinners

Spinning around the world ⏱️

Our Loading spinner component is like the busy signal of the digital world. It's that neat little animation that pops up to say, "Hang tight, we're getting things ready for you!" The component comes in two styles, one with a sleek, circular design and another featuring a classic rotating gear. Both have a smooth, clockwise animation that brings a sense of movement and progress to your interface.

And to keep things fresh, we've got eight different variants for you to play around with. Colors include primary, secondary, warning, error, success, info, light, and dark. This means you can match the spinner with any mood or theme in your app. Whether you're aiming for a bright and bold look, or something more low-key, we've got you covered.

Plus, these spinners are super adaptable. They keep their cool on any screen size or resolution, meaning they always look their best no matter where they're viewed.

So, that's our Loading spinner in a nutshell – your go-to guy when things are loading, processing or updating. It's a small but mighty part of any interactive design.


2 styles
8 variants
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