Device mockups

The Perfect Role-play with our Mockup Component 🎭

Meet the mockup components, the understudy that steps in to give you a glimpse of the final act. It's all about providing a sneak-peek into how your design will come to life in real-world devices.

The mockup components takes on two simple styles – a light variant for a clean, modern aesthetic and a dark one for a sleek, sophisticated look. It's like looking at your design through different lenses and picking the one that suits your narrative best.

But this component isn't just about style; it's about context too. With separate mockups for mobile and desktop, it offers a stage for your design to perform in different scenarios. It's about capturing the essence of responsive design, making sure your creation shines on every screen.

No matter the screen size or resolution, the mockup components ensures a smooth performance. It's the perfect rehearsal before the final act, giving you the confidence that your design is ready for the spotlight.

So, get ready to showcase your masterpiece in the best light with the mockup components. It's not just about providing a preview; it's about bringing your Figma designs one step closer to reality.


2 styles
2 variants
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