It's Showtime for the Modal Component 🎭

Think of our Modal component as the main character that swoops into the scene when the plot thickens. It commands the stage (or in this case, the screen), delivering important information or choices in Figma designed applications.

And that's not all! With four customizable variants, this Modal component knows how to dress up for any occasion. Whether you're gathering user input, presenting vital information, or requiring immediate user interaction, it's there to take center stage.

And fear not, this star knows its cues! The Modal component adapts to any screen size or resolution. So, whether your user is on a smartphone or a widescreen monitor, it ensures a performance that's always in sync with its audience.

So, here's to the Modal component: Figma's answer to versatile and dynamic user interaction. It's not just about popping up on the screen; it's about delivering the right experience at the right moment. Break a leg, Modal component!


2 styles
8 variants
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