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Unlock rapid, preference-driven landing page creation with our sleek Figma plugin. Your designs, instantly realized.

Design at the
speed of thought

Streamline your design workflow with our Figma plugin, built on UI Studio's robust design system and UI kit for consistency and scalability. Quickly generate high-quality landing pages that are easy to scale.

Instant landing pages
Effortless customization
Seamless workflow
Figma plugin
Figma plugin
1. Buy UI studio
Secure early access to the beta, unlocking the full suite for pioneering design.
2. Activate
A license entry in Figma catapults you into the design fast lane, ready for action.
3. Customize
Easily choose your preferences, setting up for a perfectly tailored design output.
4. Create
Experience automated design magic as your landing page comes to life instantly.
Figma plugin
Figma plugin

Design without

Generate light, dark or mixed themed landing pages, then fine-tune your landing page with our dynamic customization options, utilizing latest Figma features.

Effortlessly adapt styles to fit your brand, and use variables for swift theme changes. Our ever-expanding library ensures your designs are both current and versatile.

Light and dark themes
Rounded, circle and square styles
Flexible design system

Try it yourself

Discover the seamless integration and intuitive design capabilities of our UI studio figma plugin. See firsthand how your design process can be revolutionized.

Watch as we transform the Figma interface into a powerhouse of efficiency and creativity, elevating your projects to the next level with every click.

Unleash your True
Product Potential today

Whether you're a startup, a design team, a beginner, or a freelance designer, our UI kit is designed to meet your unique needs. With its professional quality, flexibility, and neutrality, it's the ultimate tool to elevate your design projects.


Boost your productivity. Freelancers can deliver high-quality projects faster and manage more clients with our comprehensive and easy-to-use tools.


Kickstart your design process. Our UI kit helps startups to quickly prototype and iterate designs, saving valuable time and resources.


Ensure consistency and efficiency. Our UI kit enables design teams to maintain a unified visual language across projects, enhancing collaboration.

Beyond a tool –
a partnership

With the UI Studio, you're not just getting a tool; you're investing in a partnership that constantly scales with you and your project.

Benefit from continuous updates and dedicated support, ensuring your design capabilities evolve as fast as the digital landscape. Let's build the future.

UI studio partnership

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