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A complete design suite for both startups and enterprises.

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Endless design possibilities

All-in-one UI studio

With its professional quality, flexibility, and neutrality, it's the ultimate tool to elevate your design projects.

Design system

A streamlined design system built on Tailwind CSS, enhancing your project consistency and workflow efficiency.

UI kit

Over 1500 versatile components and variants ready to customize and streamline your design process.

Section library

A rich library of ready-to-use sections that ensure cohesive and visually appealing designs across all pages.

Page library

Quickly deploy from an array of pre-designed pages tailored to fast-track your project delivery.

Figma plugin

Our plugin that lets you generate dynamic designs, access a diverse avatar library, and integrate real-world content.

Unlimited updates

Continuous updates and proactive support, ensuring your toolkit always remains innovative and effective.

Color, text and effects
Boost your designs with an extensive palette of colors, unique text styles, and effects tailored to your brand.
Components and variants
Leverage our comprehensive library of components and variants to streamline your design process.
Template Sections
Explore diverse template sections to create custom pages that perfectly match your vision.
Template Pages
Choose from pre-designed template pages to jumpstart your project and save time starting today.
Save up to 50%

to its core

Eliminate hours of manual work and craft stunning websites and applications, even without prior experience.

Theme variables
Enables you to quickly switch between light and dark theme using the latest Figma features.
All components and sections comes with 3 predefined styles for easy customization.
Each component is packed with different variants to suit your design needs.
Tailwind CSS
Built upon Tailwind to ensure a seamless and consistent design-to-development workflow.
Latest Figma features
The UI studio leverage Figmas latest features for cutting-edge design and prototyping.
Automated design
Generate full-page designs with a single click using our powerful new Figma plugin.


Eliminate hours of manual work and craft stunning web and app designs, even without prior experience.

The Perfect Fit


Say goodbye to repetitive design tasks. With our UI kit, you get access to pre-built components, templates, and styles that are fully customizable to align with your project needs. Perfect for web and app design, it's all you need in one tool.

Versatile UI Components
8px Grid Consistency
All-in-One Design Tool
Extensive UI Kit
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Live Previews
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Efficient and consistent design

Enhance your designs with our UI kit featuring 100+ unique color, text, and effects styles. Craft visually stunning interfaces while maintaining design consistency across all your projects.

Unique styles
Consistent Aesthetics
Fast Design Workflow
Modern UI Elements
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Save 40%

Adaptable design system and UI Kit

Our UI kit stands out with its 1500+ components and variants, offering a level of customization that's unparalleled in the market. Each component is meticulously crafted with Auto Layout and accessibility in mind, making it a breeze to adapt to your project's needs.

1500+ Components and Variants
Quick Customization
Adaptable Variants
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Design Simplified
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Fast-Track Your Design Process

Our UI kit empowers you to design stunning landing pages and apps in record time. Choose from 60+ pre-designed template pages and 350+ template sections to create custom designs that perfectly match your vision. Experience a streamlined design process like never before.

60+ Pre-Designed Pages
Quick Design Workflow
350+ Template Sections
Landing Page & App Design
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Unleash your True
Product Potential today

Whether you're a startup, a design team, a beginner, or a freelance designer, our UI kit is designed to meet your unique needs. With its professional quality, flexibility, and neutrality, it's the ultimate tool to elevate your design projects.


Boost your productivity. Freelancers can deliver high-quality projects faster and manage more clients with our comprehensive and easy-to-use tools.


Kickstart your design process. Our UI kit helps startups to quickly prototype and iterate designs, saving valuable time and resources.


Ensure consistency and efficiency. Our UI kit enables design teams to maintain a unified visual language across projects, enhancing collaboration.

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